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Conversion of Your QuickBooks Data

Convert data with ease.

Conversion of Quickbooks Data

Need help in converting data? We are here for you!

Gain advantage of our expertise and knowledge, since we ensure you a smooth and safe transition of your data while upgrading or switching to a newer version of Quickbooks. Therefore, you achieve tranquility of mind. Our task is to keep your data accurate and intact.

Data Conversions

Whenever a company changes its Quickbooks version, it becomes mandatory to change the data you have into the format of the newer version. This process is data conversion. Since it’s a necessity to upgrade your Quickbooks of one year into another one, conversion becomes mandatory too. Hence, while you shift from Quickbooks into Pro or Premier or Enterprise, or to or from QB desktop to Quickbooks Online, data conversion occurs.

Consequently, the task is a bit tricky for users. And since we want you to focus on your core activities, we are ready to assist you. Our team comprises employees with thorough knowledge of Quickbooks. They are skilled as well as experienced. Therefore, gain access to our services of conversion of your Quickbooks data. We would be happy to help.

How it Works?

Although these conversions are a simple process, yet one always needs to make sure that their file is ready for the conversion process. In addition, you need to check the result afterwards. Hence, our team is here to assist you and help you upgrade Quickbooks desktop version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans – A data conversion is the converting of data into another format when you upgrade from one version of Quickbooks to another. Such as from Quickbooks Pro to Premier or Enterprise. It is done according to the version you shift to.

Whereas, on the other hand, data migration is migrating the useful existing data into another Quickbooks file.

Ans – The time taken while a data conversion process usually depends upon the amount of data. It also depends upon the complexity, functions and features of the format you have to convert into. It takes a few hours if your data has good integrity. In addition, we first verify your file, then convert it, and later verify the converted file as well. Similarly, time is spent in repairing data issues, if there are any. Likewise, it takes a much longer time in converting data to or from Quickbooks Online. 

Apart from these, the time taken also depends upon the size of the company.

Yet, whatever the time is, we ensure that it will be worth it. Our team will work their best to ensure you a proper conversion of data.


Ans – In case you are shifting to a newer or complexer version, it gets converted. Even if there’s an issue, we solve it by again taking a peep into your source file and converting again. 

Since, both desktop and online versions differentiate, it depends which data comes over. Yet, in reality, all the financial data comes over.

Hence, whatever the data is, we’ll talk to you and convert it accordingly as per your needs.

Ans – Yes, it is possible. Sometimes some errors come up with the existing file data. This results in the inability to convert data.

For instance, the file can be large sometimes. In addition, It is many years old too. In such cases, conversion of data becomes typical. 

Similarly, sometimes the data is damaged and has errors. This also postpones the conversion process. As a result, data migration to a new file becomes necessary.


Data Migration to QuickBooks

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