Learn How to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop ?

Learn How to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop ?

Quickbooks is the necessity of all businesses today. With its advanced features, it has made working easy for them. The accounting , management and financial aspects of business have been made comfortable. In addition, it makes tasks easy. Today, whether it is a big company or small, every one of them prefers QuickBooks due to its efficiency and functions. Yet, many times, the software faces issues of data damage and corruption.

 Any kind of such damage leads to non-working of the software. And thus, the user ends up with no access to company files or software. In such cases, one can opt for the tool to verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop. These are the most commonly used troubleshooting methods and are a lot efficient. Likewise, they are a lot helpful to resolve the issue. The verify tool identifies the error with the data in the company file. And, the rebuild tool fixes the problems identified.

Therefore, this article will provide you with all the details regarding verifying and rebuilding data in QB Desktop. So, let’s begin!

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Why should you use Verify and Rebuild in QuickBooks?

There can be a lot of reasons why one should opt for the use of such tools. Some of them are given below :

  • When you face some technical errors in the QB desktop.
  • You are unable to open the company’s file.
  • If there are some issues in the reports. It can be bills or invoices with negative values.
  • Likewise, if you get an error pop up while using the software.
  • If the list shows some missing names.
  • While clicking to save a transaction, Quickbooks crashes.
  • Similarly, if some of the data transactions are missing.
  • Make sure through a checkup that the company file doesn’t have any errors.
  • The data in the file appears damaged or corrupted.

The above said can be some hints for you to go and verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop.

Methods to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop

Now, if you think that you too need to go through the methods to remove data corruption and damage, then you should follow the below steps properly :

1- Firstly, click on all the windows running, select them and close them all.

2- Then, you have to verify data. Go to files, then click on Utilities and then tap Verify Data.

Note : In case you see that below –

  • There are no problems with your data as checked by QuickBooks. In this case, you do not have to take any action.
  • If there are any particular technical issues, then you need to contact QuickBooks support and find related articles to it.
  • Yet, if you see that the data has lost its integrity, then you should proceed by rebuilding the data. In order to rebuild, kindly follow the below steps :

3- Rebuilding Data : Firstly, select the file, then go to Utilities. Here, click on Rebuild Data.

4- Next, a message will appear. It will ask for access to get a backup of your company fileClick Ok here.

Since the rebuild data needs a backup of your company file, you have to do that. This is done to ensure that you have your data safe with you in case any problems arise. In order to do backup , do the following :

  • Select the location where you wanna save your backup. Then, click Ok.
  • Do not replace any other backup file. Give a name to file and hit Save.
  • In case, backup fails, cancel the rebuilding procedure. Contact the support team for backing up data.
  • After finishing the backupstart the data rebuilding.

5- Now, after the rebuild is completedclick Ok.

6- Likewise, one should once more check the data damage. Hence, re-do the verifying procedure. Again visit the file. Here, click on Utilities. And then, later tap at Verify Data.

7- If there are still any errors, you have to get rid of them manually. Just search where the errors are. Continue by finding their solutions in any support site of QuickBooks.

8- And if there are no errors, restore the backup of the company file. To do so, go to file, click the company backup and restore it.

9- If you still face any issues, do not hesitate to contact the support team.

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How to Use QuickBooks Rebuild Data Tool Alone?

  • Go to file. Then, click on Utilities, and select Rebuild Data.
  • Click ok when you get a message to backup the company file.
  • After the backup completes, the rebuild procedure will start.
  • After it is completed, you will get a message.
  • Click on ok and proceed with further steps on the screen.

QuickBooks data corruption usually happens. Hence, the article has provided all details to verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks desktop. If you face any problems, contact QuickBooks Support through their helpline number. Take advantage of professional support and solve your issues.

They will be happy to assist you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans - In order to verify, go to files, click on Utilities and then tap Verify data. Once verifying is done. Rebuild data by visiting files. Then, tap Utilities and after that click on Rebuild data.
Ans - The feature of rebuilding data fixes the issues in the data. After verifying,if there are any problems with the company file, rebuild data fixes them for you automatically.
Ans - It is absolutely safe to rebuild data. Rebuilding is one of the most common tools used by businesses out there. It fixes data damage and provides you safety. In addition, there is no data loss. Since, the tool asks for a backup of the company file before, we can ensure that it's totally safe.
Ans - Verify and Rebuild are two data tools in QuickBooks. They are commonly used and provide troubleshooting methods to identify data and resolve any corruption of data.
Ans - In order to run a repair, you have to rebuild the data. So, rebuild data by visiting files. Then, tap Utilities and after that click on Rebuild data.The procedure will start. It will soon fix your issues.
Learn How to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop ?
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Learn How to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop ?
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